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Company Profile
Business Philosophy
Corporate Culture
Quality Policy
Core Competitiveness





Company Profile

itbs (Information Technology Business Service Co., Ltd), was founded in 2003.

itbs specializes in PC Base Hardware R&D manufacture. We have a professional R&D team continuously engaged in product innovation and intellectual development. Over recent years, itbs developed the POS Terminal 、Panel PC 、Box PC 、Touch Monitor accepted international customers appreciation and high reputation. This is all due to our goal to demand growing our products even better and better.

After that wer will invest more R&D department to create more specilaized products to meet the market and customer needs at every moment.

itbs's product design, research and development to production all along the completion of operations base in Taiwan.

itbs has a rapid ability develop and innovative design.

itbs unique product design can solve many solutions to meet all the different customer application and reduce the costs.

itbs products always make business partners around the world have made more competitive.

In global business partners, itbs continued streamlining product development and manufacturing to all business partners to get more profit and market competitive advantage. Now in the global market competition, itbs pays more attention to establish and stabilize the relation with the global partners. Because we know to confirm the relation with partners that is more important than establish many distributors. And it’s only way to stabilize the steady growth and win more profit for all global partners.


Brand development is itbs a responsibility to the world community symbol.

itbs absorbed in brand management. Our goal is itbs brand of globalization and in-depth every corner of the world.

itbs require for the brand is '' Insist on Quality, Reliabillity & Relieved '' .

itbs brand are represented by red,dark blue & dark gray these three colors. The color of its meaning as follows :



Red represents the enthusiasm service never diminishes, positive and active.



Dark Blue represents a unique and innovative wisdom competitive market.



Dark gray represents strength, R&D ability and professional technical ability.


Business Philosophy

The enterprise culture based of itbs are '' honesty" , " responsibility " , " conduct and morality ''.

itbs use " honesty", " responsibility ", " conduct and morality " as a deal with concrete actions.

itbs attached great importance to staff colleagues of honesty, responsibility, doing things right or worng, the behavior morality concepts & the education cultivated. We use such a general capacity as basic from R & D to munufacturing to sales service. When the products from manufacturing to sales into the market, itbs must take the responsibility to global community, and this is the itbs of enterprise responsibility & culture.

The motto of each itbs colleagues is '' I can do it''.

Corporate Culture

itbs operate conception is make the best product and innovative product development of wisdom ,leads the industry as a leader.

The substruction development of itbs is from the requirements of the highest quality and innovative products to the requirements of wisdom, not only from the appearance of difference products become the competitiveness of products.

itbs has always been expect myself, good even better, participate the world community to finish every duty and gratitude to let each thing doing in the best, because to let the customer be trust and peace of mind is always the responsibility of itbs.

Quality Policy

itbs requirements for the quality of policy is from the material reliability, environment and every element implementation of application compatibility testing, in particular , the application compatibility testing is very important. itbs invest in the quality requirement are much manpower and do test of time.

itbs quality symbol

itbs quality requirements must be completed finish tests after the following :

Parts Test

Environmental Test

Reliability Test

Compatibility Test


Core Competitiveness

The core competitiveness of itbs is from the development of innovative products of wisdom. Our core three main themes :

" Research and development "

" innovation and intellectual "

" leader in competitiveness "










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