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itbs OEM business products which research and manufacture ourselves to proceed the small customized service, can save a lot of research time and design fees for customers, and they don’t need to pay any research and design charges, only need to pay for the processing required material fees of customized.  

The small customized service includes the changeable of overall appearance / color formulation / packaging materials formulation/ customers provide their own brand for customized production services…etc.


itbs OEM production service specialize in providing small customized service for own brand name customers and can reduce more unnecessary cost and enhance prompt customer’s business competitiveness.





itbs ODM business model provides design customer requirement services.

itbs OEM business model provide customers a complete solutions, from the customer proposal, evaluation, design ,test, production and manufacturing.


As more and more industrial competitiveness, we can provide the fastest OEM /ODM service to the customer. Agile, professional design and custom manufacturing services to meet customer requirement.










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